5 Different Ways to Sell Images Online

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Print ads, blog posts, advertising copy, news articles and professional web sites are just a sampling of the products which depend upon the visual interest generated by photos and graphics for success. The vast majority of popular offerings in these categories, among many others, will include at least one anchor image to break up text and catch the eye of readers, and most of the companies who create those products rely upon outside vendors to fulfill their needs. For content creators like photographers, digital artists and graphic designers, choosing to sell images can be a productive and successful business move. Still, it’s important for new merchants to understand the best marketing and promotional methods to successfully sell their products. Learning the most popular uses for visual products can help you better understand your target audience, helping you sell images at a faster rate and with more success.

  • 1. ) Stock Photography – One of the most popular product choices for those hoping to sell images online is stock photography. A sizable catalog of stock images with plenty of variety in models, setting and tone can be a very lucrative asset, as these images are among the most versatile in terms of audience. Stock photographs are used by bloggers, professional web content writers, advertising and marketing professionals and news writers to catch the eye of a potential reader and generate traffic.
  • 2.) Clip Art – From simple line drawings with a humorous slant to whimsical cartoon images, clip art is another highly versatile and popular product. When you sell images online which include a healthy selection of clip art, you can target many different audiences. From digital scrapbook enthusiasts to the creators of inter-office memos, there’s a wide assortment of potential buyers for clip art products.
  • 3.) Personalized Themes – Live wallpapers for smartphone devices and customized backgrounds for desktops are a vital part of any personalized theme, which is a wildly popular product. Most people want their devices to reflect their own personal tastes, and many will gladly purchase the products offered by graphic artists who sell images online as personalized themes.
  • 4.) Digital Art – Many popular products in the digital images market online are created with utilitarian ends in mind, but there is a strong market for digital art. Your buyers may choose to personally print their new purchase, depending upon your individual licensing permissions, or to use it as part of their own projects. Where clip art and stock photographs are typically used to illustrate a particular point, digital art can be and often is sold purely for aesthetic value.
  • 5.) Graphs and Charts – Unlike other forms of digital imaging, graphs and charts must usually be created as part of a custom package in order to reflect the information relevant to the end user. For those who sell digital images and offer custom content among their products, selling graphs and charts can be as easy as creating a product in your online marketplace which can be purchased in order to release funds for creation. Instead of redirecting to an end product, your download link can contain a questionnaire for your client to fill out in order to give you the specifications you will need in order to create their product. Before offering custom images, however, you should be prepared to offer quick turnaround on great work in order to keep your customer satisfaction ratings high.

Whatever type of product you choose after deciding to sell images online, it’s crucial that you choose the right sales system. For most content providers, this means forgoing a personal website in favor of a comprehensive ecommerce solution like PayLoadz.com. These systems provide payment processing and automated content delivery in a few simple steps, and don’t require your participation in order to complete a transaction.


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