10 Types Of eBooks That People Love To Buy

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An increasing demand exists for digital products, and one of the most popular of all digital products is eBooks. While traditional books need to go through the long, expensive process of publishing, printing and marketing before they are released, eBooks can be available to buy as soon as they are written. EBooks are also less expensive to buy than traditional books. Digitally downloadable books can be short or long, fiction or nonfiction, and can become a home business opportunity for people who have a talent for writing. Here is a list of 10 types of eBooks that are big sellers.


  1. CraftsPeople who have always wanted to learn how to crochet, knit or do any other kind of craft can find an eBook to learn the basics. Crafting eBooks are popular and are often bestsellers.
  2. SpiritualMany eBooks delve into the world of religion and spirituality. Whether the books discuss the history of the subject or give advice on finding a spiritual center, a demand exists for these types of books.
  3. Exercise Whether the eBook is about exercising to lose weight or to train for a marathon, eBooks on exercise are usually top sellers. People are always interested in the best and fastest way to get into shape.
  4. Self-ImprovementMany eBooks focus on self-improvement, whether it is dealing with ridding stress or improving cognitive function.
  5. Computers – In this technological age, a demand exists for information on how to use software to become computer literate. EBooks about using computers tutor people who want to learn more.
  6. Diet Losing weight and controlling health issues through dieting are more than just a fad; they have become a billion dollar industry. EBooks on how to use your diet to better your health usually sell well.
  7. Hobbies Ebooks exist for almost any hobby you can imagine—from making your own beer to how to catch the most fish.
  8. Music Everyone loves music, and many eBooks are devoted to the subject. Whether it is the basics of guitar or piano sheets or something more advanced, an audience of music lovers will likely be interested in downloading an eBook.
  9. Home Improvement Do-it-yourself manuals on everything from plumbing repair to installing a wood floor are popular. For a couple of dollars, these books can potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars by teaching them to do home repairs themselves.
  10. Money- Ebooks about money are typically huge sellers. How to make it, how to save it and anything else to do with money is a hot topic in the eBook business.


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