10 Steps to Sell Your Documents Online

Sell Your Documents Online

Simple contract templates, checklists and marketing documents can be easy for seasoned professional veterans to create. But it can be expensive for people to hire an attorney or specialist to help them in those areas. The demand for these documents to be available online is great, and more and more document creators are finding themselves in online entrepreneurial positions that become surprisingly lucrative.

1. Choose Your Niche – Unless you’re confident in your ability to author high-quality documents for a variety of uses, it’s best to choose the area in which you’re most well versed as a specialization. For instance, legal forms can be too complicated for someone who typically authors marketing documents, and marketing may be beyond the scope of an attorney’s knowledge base.

2. Hone Your Expertise – Make sure you’re an expert in the area you’ve chosen so that your documents are effective and satisfactorily serve their purpose.

3. Create Your Documents – If you’ll create fully customized original documents for your customers, it probably won’t be necessary to create a stock of templates. However, most online document sales are built around the concept of template sales.

4. Avoid the Urge to “Wing It” – There may be times, especially when you’re working in unfamiliar territory, when you feel the urge to just “wing it.” It’s important never to do this, especially if you’re creating legal documents. When in doubt, find reputable resources and research the issue.

5. Copy Protection – Depending on the document creation software you’ll be using, you might have an option to copy protect your files in a variety of ways designed to prevent them from being illegally shared. That cuts into your bottom line.

6. Select a Payment Processing Service – You need an account with an online payment processing service to collect the proceeds from your sales. Most new merchants opt to use PayPal; it is one of the worlds’ most popular. However, a variety of options exist, including a combination payment and delivery service like PayLoadz.com.

7. Set Up Your Content Delivery Service Account – Unless you’ll be monitoring your email and sales alerts around the clock, you’re running the risk of upsetting customers by making them wait a long time to access the files they’ve purchased. A content delivery service like PayLoadz.com can help manage delivery of your goods and the payment processing.

8. Create Your Digital Marketplace – Though your files will be hosted and distributed through your content delivery service, setting up a website to serve as a digital storefront with links to your e-commerce site is the best way to establish a reputation online and brand loyalty from your customers.

9. Promote Your Work – It’s difficult to sell files of which your target audience is unaware. Dedicate time and effort to promoting your work on various social networking sites and blogs.

10. Rake in the Profits – Because your digital stock never needs to be replenished, you can sit back and comfortably collect your profits while concentrating your energy on the creation of even more new documents to sell!

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