10 Steps to Create and Sell Your Clipart Online


Clipart graphics are hot commodities in the online world; they can be used for everything from spicing up a blog entry to adding just the right touch to a Power Point presentation. Talented artists can create, market and sell their works as clipart. That venture can be quite lucrative. This article will take you through the steps of clipart creation and sales, from conceptualization to closing the deal.

1. Brainstorming and Conceptual Work – The first step to creating clipart files is to brainstorm what sorts of images you’d like to create and how you’d like to present them. Before beginning your artistic project, think about the types of clipart images that would be most valuable for sales potential.

2. Choose Your Digital Art Software Program – Most digital artists have a favorite program. If you’re new to digital art, experiment with a few programs to find one that best suits your needs. A variety of free, open source digital creation programs are on the Web that may be more cost-effective than purchasing several high-end programs.

3. Determine Whether You’ll Use a Reference Image – Some clipart creators use photographic images as references, while others prefer to freehand their work. Whichever option you choose, have an idea in mind before you start working.

4. Keep Copyright Issues in Mind – If you use a digital photograph as a reference image, keep copyright and usage issues in mind. Some images can be used for commercial graphic projects as per the image owner, while others cannot.

5. Complete Your Project – To sell your clipart, you need to complete the projects. Tweak your images until you’re satisfied with them, and create a file that you can be proud of.

6. Set Up a Payment Processing Service Account – To collect the profits from the sales of your clipart, set up an account with a payment processing service. Some, like PayPal, can be integrated seamlessly with the more popular content delivery sites’ services, such as PayLoadz.com.

7. Choose a Digital Content Delivery Service – Because your customers will expect to access their purchased clipart immediately after remitting payment, ensure the service can deliver your goods in a timely manner. Content delivery services like PayLoadz.com are ideal solutions.

8. Create Your Online Store – Setting up a digital storefront and establishing an online presence is essential to your success. It will help your prospective customers view your services as legitimate and trustworthy. If you use PayLoadz.com as your content delivery service, your clipart products will have a spot in the e-store already. Creating your own online storefront won’t be necessary but would provide another portal for selling your products.

9. Marketing and Promotions – Your customers can’t purchase your clipart if they don’t know it exists. Dedicate yourself to marketing and promoting your products. Social media is a useful tool and is usually free of charge.

10. Collect Your Profits! – If you’ve chosen a content delivery service that’s integrated with your preferred online payment processing server, all you need to do after creating, uploading and marketing is sit back to collect the money while you focus on creating new files.

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