10 Popular Digital Download Marketplaces

Digital Download Marketplaces

You can find hundreds of digital download marketplaces online.  They all have something to offer, but many might not provide everything you need.  As a seller, you want a digital download marketplace with a good reputation, plenty of features, ease of use, and one that can handle automated file delivery that includes bulk uploading options.  The following list shows 10 popular digital download marketplaces:

1. PayLoadz is one of the biggest digital download marketplaces on the Internet.  With a great set of features and a strong reputation regarding product security, automated delivery and payment processing, PayLoadz is easily the No. 1 choice for digital download marketplaces.  PayLoadz allows you to upload, store and deliver digital products securely in an easy-to-use system. You don’t need to pay to use the site unless your sales go over a certain amount or unless you want to access the other features and marketing help PayLoadz offers. PayLoadz accepts more than 90 countries as buyers and more than 25 currencies. You can use PayLoadz to sell digital products from your own website, eBay, Amazon and the PayLoadz Store.

2. E-junkie is an important player in the digital download marketplace. E-junkie provides automated delivery along with auto responders and affiliate management. You pay a monthly fee for the service based on the products you sell and the disk space you need.

3. ClickBank is largely popular as a place for selling eBooks but also sells other digital products. ClickBank gains its popularity from the large numbers of affiliates it has promoting products. The one-time fee of $49.95 sets up the first product to be sold.  Selling additional products requires creating separate accounts, and each additional account costs $29.95.

4. Plimus focuses on marketing and licensing digital goods.  It provides several tools to market products and to protect copyrights.  Plimus charges a fee based on the price of the products.

5. Tradebit sells almost any type of digital goods.  Much like ClickBank and E-junkie, Tradebit has a strong affiliate network.  Tradebit charges a commission based on monthly revenues.

6. DPD is a lot like E-junkie. You create buttons to sell products and can integrate the system with payment processors like PayPal. It charges a monthly fee based on the number of products and storage space.

7. BitBuffet claims to be the easiest way to sell digital goods with PayPal.  The monthly fee ranges from $6 to $31 and is based on the number of products and disk space.

8. FastSpring differentiates itself by providing a customized and branded order page for sellers.  Some sellers might find the pricing to be steep. FastSpring charges 8.9 percent or 5.9 percent plus 95 cents per sale.

9. Dbox is similar to BitBuffet. One thing it offers that others don’t is a Joomla plugin that makes it easier to sell products through Joomla-CMS based websites.

10. Digital Content Center is a place for eBooks, video, music, artwork and software. Pricing is based on the disk space.

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