10 Information Products to Sell Online

Digital Downloads

Selling digital downloads is a fantastic way to earn money either part or full-time from home. Although entertainment downloads are popular, many people are looking for information products for their home or business. If you are considering selling digital downloads, here are 10 information products that are top sellers online.

  1. Resumes. Create a resume or cover letter templates that others can use to make their own. Letters of interest and other employment-seeking templates are also options.
  2. Spreadsheets. If you are great at making spreadsheets, there are limitless options on what you can create. Make a self-calculating budget or other ways to organize other data.
  3. Essays. Templates for book reports, essays and even college entrance application are popular information products for sales online.
  4. Presentations. Many business and sales people need easy-to-use presentation templates that they can tailor for their needs.
  5. How-to eBooks. If you have knowledge, share it in the form of an instructional eBook. This can be anything from how to save money to learning to cook.
  6. Instructional videos. From repairing cell phones to showing how to maintain a water heater, instructional videos are a great way to share your skills.
  7. Audio books. Walk people step-by-step through processes in the form of an audio book on anything from hiring practices for businesses to how to build a retaining wall.
  8. Forms. Templates for renting homes to employment applications, forms are popular information products to sell online.
  9. Software. If you are tech minded, creating software that can sold as a digital download is a lucrative industry.
  10. Applications. Smartphone applications are a fast-growing enterprise in the information product line of digital downloads.

These are just a few ideas of the types of products that people buy online every day. You can make hundreds, even thousands of dollars selling these items. But beyond making these items to sell, you need to have an online business plan. That is where a digital download eCommerce service like PayLoadz.com can help.

PayLoadz can handle the business aspect of selling your information products online. They offer to sell your products through their digital store, process payments and securely deliver your downloads. They also have unlimited storage and offer affiliate marketing to help you increase you sales. You can use their service to process all your sales wherever online you are selling your products. It leaves you more time to focus on creating new products while they manage your day-to-day sales and business transactions.

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